Quality Engineer

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The Quality Engineer - Warranty/CAPA - reports directly to the Quality Manager. The primary responsibility of this position is leading Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) activities to reduce the incidence of issues related to post delivery warranty reports.
Essential Job Functions:
Work directly with Quality Assurance, Warranty and Service personnel to collect and analyze warranty and service data.
Analyze warranty and service claims, define root causes(s) failure analysis and document and, communicate findings. Analysis includes hands-on performance of various product inspections and tests.
Perform and, when necessary, coordinate outside supplier evaluations of product and component failures (i.e., analysis of fatigue failures, bearing issues, premature wear patterns, etc.).
Initiate Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) activities and coordinate the CAPA process associated with product issues.
Utilize time, skills, process and available resources for internal process and product failure analysis activities (i.e., production and assembly related issues). Initiate and coordinate CAPA improvement projects across the organization and with external suppliers, as needed.
Develop and recommend opportunities for product improvement for internally and externally identified product noncompliance issues.
Prepare, maintain and distribute routine warranty and CAPA information and reports.
Define, develop and implement required test processes and equipment needed for effective product evaluations and root cause analysis
Provide direct warranty return process and Warranty Administrator support.
Work directly with QA team members in identifying CAPA initiatives across the organization.
Required Skills
Advanced analytical skills (i.e., data collection, data and statistical analysis, mechanical, hydraulic, fatigue failures, bearing and lubrication systems analysis and electro-mechanical failure analysis) are required.
Proficient with standard computer systems (i.e., MS Word, Excel, etc.). Experience with statistical analysis tools (i.e., Minitab) a plus.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Required Experience
Bachelors degree in a technical discipline preferred (i.e., Mechanical/ Industrial/ Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering Technology, Quality Engineering, etc.). Candidates with a combination of education and experience will be considered.
Experience with formal problem solving processes, focused on root cause analysis.

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